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Construction Accounting Services in Winter Garden, Ocoee & Apopka, FL

The assistance of a tax and accounting professional is indispensable for a construction company. This industry that relies greatly on contractor labor and the purchase of materials. At Locksley A Cameron, CPA, we provide construction businesses with the necessary back office support to maximize profits and lower overhead costs.

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Bookkeeping and Job Costing

One of the most important needs for any construction business is regular recording and tracking of all expenses. Because construction depends heavily on contract employees, we help you to maintain accurate records of supplies and labor, as well as any other expenses incurred while completing a contract. These services are also essential for taxes, as they allow us to provide comprehensive planning services throughout the year, utilizing every available deduction to maintain reduced liability.

In addition to regular bookkeeping, Locksley A Cameron, CPA provides construction job costing in Winter Garden. This will allow your company to accurately reflect the costs incurred when working on a job site including: contractors, supplies, and equipment. Job costing reports generate more detailed estimates-to-complete in the future.

Cash Flow Management and Projection Services

The accounting services provided by Locksley A Cameron, CPA are tailored to clients’ projects, ensuring we are best able to meet your needs depending on the terms of your contract, while being mindful of budget.

Proper cash flow management can aid in creating more accurate projections and estimates for your firm. This ensures that our team at Locksley A Cameron, CPA can help you to plan for greater financial stability in the future. We help to identify excessive or unnecessary expenditures, which can reduce your overhead costs on future jobs.

Payroll Services

Tax and withholding adjustment tasks are time-consuming and can distract from the work necessary to complete a job. At Locksley A Cameron, CPA, we ensure that payroll is completed and distributed for full-time, part-time, and 1099 employees. This creates additional time for you to perform necessary management and planning tasks. These services keep contractors happy, confirm work is progressing at an acceptable rate, and ensure that resources aren’t strained.

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