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Healthcare providers who own their practices may have little time to overseeing their business financials. Between seeing patients and managing staff, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the latest relevant tax laws. At Locksley A Cameron, CPA, our Winter Garden CPA assists doctors, home health professionals, and other medical practitioners with their accounting needs. We offer tailored accounting solutions for healthcare providers to minimize overhead costs and account for accurate insurance reporting.

Outsourced Accounting for Healthcare Professionals

Creating a strategic business model that reflects your long-term goals and applies accounting practices to minimize liabilities is essential. In the healthcare industry, it is also imperative to stay abreast of ever-changing regulations that impact your ability to turn a profit. 

For home health professionals, we provide payroll options to track payments per diem. Locksley A Cameron, CPA simplifies operations by calculating depreciation of medical equipment and accounting for essential tools purchased on credit. We help healthcare companies remain mindful of partners joining and leaving the practice, collect co-payments and deductibles from patients, and take into account the complexities of newly instated insurance policies. 

Having a comprehensive and strategic accounting process can help healthcare business make important financial decisions as well as file appropriate documents, avoiding the risk of an audit by a state regulatory agency or the IRS. Locksley A Cameron, CPA is dedicated to staying on top of these tasks and providing effective healthcare accounting in Winter Garden for medical professionals to focus on saving lives.

Medical Practice Accounting for Healthcare Professionals in Winter Garden

Accounting for medical professionals and healthcare provider centers around accurately and efficiently organize financial information for proper profit reporting. Keeping up with co-pay amounts, working with insurances to receive the amount owed, and tracking how the patients pay their fees is essential to understanding the financial standing of your business. Insurance company fee schedules are complex, and there are many instances where overstatement or understatement of allowance can occur.

With cost reporting software and an accrual based accounting system, our Winter Garden health care CPAs assist in: properly filling out forms, inspecting balance sheets, calculating cost-per-visit by going over your PSR, and providing assurance of accurate financial information when preparing Medicare cost reports.  

Allow Locksley A Cameron, CPA to handle your accounting needs.

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We provide accounting and tax solutions for healthcare professionals to organize their finances and address current financial concerns. For more information about healthcare accounting in Winter Garden, contact Locksley A Cameron, CPA. 

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